The need for a better future

The leitmotiv of VALUES is “to serve the design of sustainable development strategies as a basis to create a better future for mankind".

Nature provides us with food and water, is a supplier of energy for our everyday life, makes our climate livable and enjoyable, is a source of joys and also fears that inspire our lives. As the question of how to achieve sustainability is increasingly raised by governments, global institutions, local associations, media and research communities, it is clear that we now have collective choices to make in order to guide our development towards a future in which we can meet, over generations, our basic needs to enhance the quality of life.

Examples of key choices we now, or will soon, have to take are numerous:

  • With a constantly increasing human population, and under climate change effects, what agricultural systems should we support if we aim at feedback the world in a fair and sustainable way?
  • As more and more people need housing, how should we build our future cities in a way that we can still breathe clean air and be able to enjoy a walk in the forest without making long trips?
  • What type of energy source or mix (biofuel, oil, gas, wind, solar, ...) will be efficient and sufficient enough to answer our needs while having the lowest impacts in terms of chemical emissions, environmental degradation and competition with food production?

Contributing to sustainable well-being is another asset: it is with the aim to help and support such decisions that the VALUES project is defined.


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